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Temperament Assessment

We believe in placing the right puppy with the right family. This doesn't mean we will assign a puppy to you, no. Rather, this process will help us help you should you be on the fence between a couple puppies or just want our professional opinion on the puppy best suited for your family and lifestyle. 

Just like humans, puppies have their own individual and unique personalities. We run a series of "tests" with each puppy prior to pick day to get a feel of what their temperaments will be like. These activities gauge noise, touch or animation sensitivity, what drives the puppy (aka what makes them work), activity level, acceptance of other animals and any areas of opportunities we can work on in the following weeks before the puppy goes home. 

In order to make the very most of your time slot we ask that you please participate in filling out the temperament survey. This survey will give us more insight into your family and preferences and will help us make temperament based suggestions to help your decision making process if needed.

Temperament Assessment 
(Personal Information)

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