Rose and Sadie's Litters

Rose is an F1B Labradoodle weighing 55 pounds. Dozer is a Sable Multigen Labradoodle weighing 55 pounds. Puppies from this litter are expected to be between 50-60 pounds when mature. 

Sadie is a Sable Multigen Labradoodle weighing 50 pounds. Tank is a Merle Parti Standard Poodle weighing 70 pounds. Puppies from this litter are expected to be between 50-65 pounds when mature. 

Selections/Waiting List

Rose and Sadie's litters are being combined for selection/list purposes. Those on the waiting list will have choice between any of the puppies on this page in the order of the waiting list. 


Selections will be made when the puppies are 5 weeks old. Until then, sit back and enjoy watching them grow over the next few weeks. I will be reaching out to schedule puppy pick day individually via email. 

Waiting List: 

  1. NGL (Breeder Pick)

  2. POL (Service Dog)

  3. Hatton Family

  4. Pham Family

  5. Wei Family

  6. Jeffrey Family

  7. Collins Family

  8. Hawkins Family

  9. Sevor Family

10. Jones Family

11. Thrift Family

12. Ridgeway Family

13. Rawlings Family

14. O'Leary Family

15. Hankle Family

16. Toczylowski Family

17. Namasivayam Family

18. Open


Rose ~ Purple Apricot Female

Rose ~ Apricot Female

Rose ~ Black Apricot Female

Rose ~ Wht. Spot Apricot Female

Rose ~ Brindle Female

Rose ~ Dark Brindle Female

Rose ~ Choc. Parti Female

Sadie ~ Black Parti Female

Sadie ~ Sable Merle Female


Rose ~ Choc. Phantom Male

Rose ~ Apricot Male

Sadie ~ Black Abstract Male

Sadie ~ Black Parti Male

Rose ~ Wht. Spot Apricot Male

Sadie ~ Sable Phantom Male

Sadie ~ Apricot Phantom Male

Sadie ~ Cream Male

Sadie ~ Blue Merle Parti Male

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