Meet the Parents



Dozer is an F3 Labradoodle. He weighs 55 pounds. His mother is an F2 Labradoodle and his dad is an F4 Labradoodle. Dozer was born in Janurary of 2019. He has a mild temperament, learns quickly and loves snuggling with us on the couch. He is very laidback, loves the water and going to work with us. 


Rose is an F1B Labradoodle. She weighs 55 pounds. Her mother is an F1 Labradoodle and her dad is a Standard Poodle. Rose was born in November of 2017. She is extremely loving and very outgoing. She loves going for walks and doing tricks for treats.

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Dixie is an F1B Labradoodle. She weighs 60 pounds and was born in March of 2018. She is the product of Molly and Tank. Dixie loves her toys, playing fetch and hanging out with her family. She has a beautiful curly fleece Brindle coat. 

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Jazz is a Standard Black Parti Poodle. She weighs 40 pounds and was born in June of 2016.  Jazz is a very loving and calm dog. She would rather be hanging out with people than with dogs. She will fetch a ball once or twice, but isn't the type of dog that will constantly drop a ball in your lap. She likes water, but doesn't love swimming. Her favorite things are creeks and shallow rivers that she can wade in. She has a beautiful wavy fleece coat. Her offspring will have wavy to curly coats. 

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Tank is a Standard Blue Merle Parti Poodle with blue marbled eyes. He weighs 70 pounds and was born in July of 2017.  Tank is extremely affectionate and loves to cuddle. Everyone who has met him has fallen in love with his temperament and striking good looks. He moves with grace and confidence. His favorite activity is being groomed, playing keep-away with our other dogs and playing fetch. 


Bella is an F1B Chocolate Parti Labradoodle. She weighs 65 pounds and was born in June of 2017. Bella has a very confident and outgoing personaliy and has never met a stranger. She likes water, playing fetch and going for car rides. 

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Ruby is a Chocolate Parti Multigenerational Labradoodle. She weighs 40 pounds and was born in June of 2018.  Ruby is a very loving and sweet girl. You likely won't find her without a ball in her mouth. She was born with a natural retrieve instinct and loves anything and everything that has to do with fetching. She enjoys car rides and playing with her dog friends. She has a beautiful wavy fleece coat. Her offspring will have wavy to curly coats. 


Sadie is an F3 Labradoodle. She weighs 50 pounds. Her mother is an F2 Labradoodle and her dad is an F4 Labradoodle. Sadie was born in January of 2019. She has a mild temperament, loves playing fetch and is very affectionate. She loves people and dogs alike and learns quickly.