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Guardian Program

Labradoodle Puppies

Being a Guardian Home for North Georgia Labradoodles can be an excellent way to have a top quality dog for a family pet without the price tag.


We are a small breeding program dedicated to producing great companion animals for both pets as well as future therapy or service dogs. Our dogs are part of our family and live in our home and enjoy our daily life. We believe that all of our breeding dogs deserve this same luxury, so we’ve implemented our Guardian Program.


The Guardian Program means we place our upcoming breeders as puppies in forever homes with suitable families. In exchange for waiving most of the purchase price, the guardians agree to the role of “caregiver” while we retain ownership and breeding rights for the dog.

A Guardian family agrees to raise, train and care for a North Georgia Labradoodle throughout his/her breeding career. Guardians will pay a $500 fee to show their commitment to participating in the program. In exchange for raising and training and caring for our breeding dog, ownership is given over to the guardian family when the dog retires and they keep their beloved pet for life.


A handling bonus may be earned by the guardian family. (Payments will be given at breeding times for males and after whelping time for females.) The amount will vary with the number of litters or stud services the dog provides. 

Interested guardian applicants are required to submit a guardian application to be reviewed before an interview will be scheduled.


Guardian families are needed to socialize and provide basic obedience training and good behavior training to puppies and maintain training for the length of the dog’s breeding career. The key purpose of the guardian program is to socialize and train puppies to prepare them for their breeding career with North Georgia Labradoodles. Guardians are responsible for taking puppies out in public to expose the puppies to unfamiliar environments such as shopping malls, parks, playgrounds, people of different ages and other animals, etc. It is critical that guardian families expose the puppies to the sights, sounds, smells, and activities they will encounter as our breeding dogs. Not only does this include being comfortable with regular grooming, it also includes being familiar with vet visits and procedures, travelling and visiting with other dogs, being away from home (while they visit us) and being handled by unfamiliar people (such as potential buyers or different vets etc.) Guardian families are responsible for regular health maintenance and transporting the puppy part way or all the way for any health screenings and breeding activities.

North Georgia Labradoodles will pay for all veterinary costs related to breeding (including breeding related health screening) and the guardian family pays all pet related costs (including training, feeding, and health maintenance).


Once their breeding career is under way, the females come back to our home for breeding and whelping. Guardian families are encouraged to visit often during that time. When the dog reaches age of retirement (typically 3-5 litters) she is spayed and retires to her guardian home enjoying the comfort of the home she has always known. Males are generally retained for siring litters a bit longer than females,(age 6-7) however, they leave their homes for shorter periods of time.

Guardian Qualifications

  • Must live no more than one hour from Alto, Georgia

  • Previous dog experience 

  • Must own and live in a home with fully fenced yard 

  • Must keep the dog on a leash or in fenced area 

  • Must be willing to train the dog basic obedience commands 

  • Must ensure the puppy is socialized with humans and other animals 

  • Must provide appropriate veterinary or emergency care when needed 

  • Must feed the dog a high-end, quality food 

  • Must be able to identify onset of heat cycle and notify breeder 

  • Must not allow female in heat near intact males 

  • Must not allow female to breed with any dog 

  • Must communicate, cooperate and coordinate with the breeder regarding breeding, whelping and all aspects of dog care. 

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