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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a Health Guarantee?

Click Here to view our Health Guarantee and Puppy Contract. ​

Will my puppy come potty trained?

As soon as puppies are able to walk, they will move away from their nest to eliminate. We take full advantage of this natural tendancy to keep their living area clean early on. Around 3 weeks old we introduce them to a litter box inside the whelping box just as their eyes begin to open. (The litter box contains Alfalfa pellets. This will help your puppy associate the urge to eliminate with the smell of grass.) They are not perfect at this stage, but will begin using it almost immediately. When they reach 3-4 weeks old they are moved into a larger area and larger litter box. Here, they get to perfect their skills. By 6 weeks of age they are going outside a few times a day and are getting positive reinforcement on pottying outside. When your puppy goes home at 8 weeks of age, they will have a solid understanding of where to eliminate at my house and what the schedule is like. Keep in mind that their bladders are small and they may not have complete control of their potty habits until they are a little older. It's a good idea to take them out every 2 hours the first few days you get them home to prevent accidents until you know the signals to look for when they need to go out. A good rule of thumb is to take them out immediately when they wake up from a nap, about 5 minutes after they eat and about 10 minutes into a play session. 

Multigen Merle Standard Laradoodle
Standard Labradoodles

What vaccinations will the puppy have before I pick him/her up?

Your puppy will come with their health record from our vet listing the de-worming and vaccinations they have been administered. 

They are given a broad spectrum de-wormer every 2 weeks from birth. At 5 or 6 weeks old we send a fecal sample to the lab to ensure there are no parasites being missed with the first two de-worming sessions. If we find a parasite that the original de-wormer does not cover, we will switch them to one that will eliminate it by the time they go home at 8 weeks old. 

They will have their first 2 sets of vaccinations which include: Distemper, Hepatitis (CAV-2), Parvovirus and Parainfluenza.

When will my puppy be removed from mom?

The litter remains with mom from birth to the time they go to your home. Mom is able to come and go as she pleases. She will gradually limit her time with the puppies as they get older and she is weaning them. 

In what ways will my puppy be socialized?

Our puppies are raised on the Puppy Culture program for the first 8 weeks of life. With this program, there are 7 different ways we approach socialization. ​

1. Communication - Dog and human language skills

2. Emotional Stability - the ability to recover easily from fear, as well as cope with stress and frustration in a socially acceptable manner. 

3. Habituation - Familiarity to the maximum number of things. Facilitation of the “so what” response. 

4. Enrichment - The view that challenges are opportunity for enrichment rather than things to be feared or avoided. 

5. Health - The physical wellness and motor skills that will allow the puppy to develop in a neurologically and physically sound way. 

6. Skills - Learned behaviors that allow them to function in human society.

7. Love - The desire to seek out the company of both dogs and humans as emotionally positive experiences. 

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How do I pick just one?

When you have more than one puppy to select from, it can be hard to make a final decision on which puppy to add to your family. This is where temperament testing comes in. We perform upwards of 15-20 individual tests with each puppy to asses their temperament prior to selections. Temperment testing gives us valuable insight into each puppy's unique qualities. We will pass this knowledge on to you to make the best selection for your family's lifestyle and needs. 

What trainer do you recomend?

Peach on a Leash Dog Training specializes in puppy development and preventing behavior problems through early learning, socialization, and teaching impulse control. Trainer Alex Sessa’s methods build upon the learning your puppy undergoes while with us at North Georgia Labradoodles, ensuring that training stays consistent in those critical first few months. 

Peach on a Leash offers four service options for puppy parents, and all are designed to ensure your pup grows up to be happy, well-mannered, and confident. 

  • Private Training – Puppy Package

Private training is conducted in your home, and in the completely customizable six-session puppy package, your pup will learn all the foundation behaviors and impulse control exercises needed for successful early learning. You will also get help with potty training, nipping, crate training, and any other issues that may pop up.

  • Semi-Private Training

Have a group of friends or co-workers that want to train together? Semi-private training is a custom-built class for groups of at least 3 dog/owner teams.

  • Group Puppy Classes

Group puppy classes are a great opportunity for early learning and socialization. They’re currently held on Sundays in Peachtree Corners. 

  • Puppy Camp

Our most intensive and immersive option. Your puppy can live with head trainer Alex Sessa for one or two weeks to build a solid training foundation, prevent bad habits from forming, and get a jumpstart on potty training and crate training. This is a perfect option if you’d like your puppy to go directly into a structured training environment, or if you’re going on vacation and don’t want your pup picking up any bad habits.

For more details visit or click on the logo below. 

Peach on a Leash - North Georgia Labradoodles

Waiting List FAQ

How does the waiting list work?

To get on the waiting list, you will need to submit a $300 non-refundable deposit and text, call or email us with preferences on litter, color, gender and/or temprament if you have any. If at the time of your deposit there are open waiting lists for current litters, please include the name of the Mom whom's litter you would like your deposit placed on. 

If there are no waiting lists open at the time of your deposit, you will be placed on the Master Waiting list. Once we have a litter born we will contact families in the order of the master waiting list with an offer to be added to that litter's list. 

The waiting list is in the order in which families commit to a specific litter, not in the order in which deposits are received. 

You will never be locked into a specific litter. Your deposit is transferable until we can get you the perfect puppy. 

*NGL has the option of reserving first picks of any litter for holding puppies back to add to our program or for service families. 

What happens if I am on a waiting list for a litter and a puppy meeting my preferences is not born, or is not available on Puppy Pick day when it's my turn to pick?

**We encourage you to keep an open mind in regard to both color and sex. (The puppy will typically pick the family)


Puppy picks go in the order of the waiting list. Each family will have the option to meet all of the available puppies on Pickup day. 

If no puppy in the litter you have placed a deposit on meets your preferences, you have the option of transferring your deposit to a different litter or back to the Master Waiting list for a future litter. 

If you transfer your deposit to different litter's list, you would be placed next in line on that list. Again, picking order is determined in the order commitments were made for that particular list, not necessarily in the order deposits are received. 

Waiting list
Laradoodle puppy shipping

How will my puppy get to me?

If you live local, you can come to pick up your puppy, or we can deliver for $1 a mile up to 200 miles. 

If you live further out than 200 miles we can set up a ground shipper or flight nanny to deliver your puppy. These rates vary depending on millage. We have several shippers we use and trust. Please reach out if you need a referral. 

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