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Puppy Contract

North Georgia Labradoodles Puppy Guarantee and Purchase Contract


The Puppy (band color _____________________________________) is guaranteed to be in good health, to the best of Seller’s knowledge, at the time of delivery.

Buyer understands that because Labradoodles are a crossbreed and are not a "standardized breed," the dog is not guaranteed to be hypoallergenic or low shedding; and no guarantee is made regarding, size, weight or coat types when grown. Seller has endeavored to make the best match possible between Puppy and Buyer.

1. Three-day Wellness Guarantee Period

Seller has instructed the Buyer to have the Puppy checked by a licensed veterinarian within three (3) days of purchase. If the veterinarian finds anything that is life threatening or substantially threatens the quality of life of the Puppy, it will be exchanged for another puppy of equal value, if available, or a puppy from another litter will be given as soon as is available and within one year, provided a letter from the examining veterinarian is offered as evidence of the Puppy’s illness, and the Puppy is returned within the guarantee period (or acceptable arrangements have been made with the Seller). If a replacement puppy cannot be provided within one year, a full refund will be given. Common puppy ailments, such as giardia, clostridia, coccidia, worms, mites, fleas, ticks, are not covered in this guarantee. The puppy has been examined at 6 weeks of age by Seller’s vet and all common puppy illnesses/issues have been addressed and preventative measures taken.

Any signs of depression, lethargy, lack of appetite or desire to drink water, diarrhea (particularly with blood and/or mucous), or vomiting must be reported to the breeder and your vet immediately.

2. Four-Month Puppy Protection Period

Buyer understands that Seller has instructed Buyer not to take Puppy to public places (including, but not limited to, parks, neighbors’, pet supply stores, puppy classes/training, etc.) frequented by other puppies or dogs until the Puppy has received its final rounds of shots (to be determined by a licensed veterinarian, usually 16 weeks of age). This is for the health of the Puppy and to avoid contact with areas where infected or un-vaccinated dogs may have been or may be present with such illnesses/bacteria/fungus causing parvovirus, giardia, clostridia, coccidia, etc. This is to protect the Puppy, and could save the Puppy’s life. Any illness contracted from Buyer’s decision not to follow these guidelines will void this guarantee.

3. Twelve Month Guarantee Period

If the within-described Puppy is diagnosed with hip dysplasia or a congenital disorder that is life threatening or greatly diminishes the dog’s quality of life and that is identified within 12 months from the Puppy’s date of birth, Buyer will have the option of receiving:

  • If available a replacement puppy from the next available litter of comparable gender/color/breed and generation or a puppy of similar acceptable color/breed and generation; or,

  • Monetary reimbursement, up to the purchase price of the Puppy/dog, for all veterinary expenses related to treatment (does not include reimbursement for food). Paid vet bills are to be provided by Buyer to Seller within thirty (30) days of charges incurred. Said refund to be paid no later than from the next subsequent litter bred by Seller, at Seller’s discretion.

Shipping fees will not be refunded, and if it becomes necessary to ship a replacement Puppy, those fees are to be paid by the Buyer. Request and submission of documentation shall be submitted to Seller by Buyer within thirty (30) days of diagnosis. Proof of spay/neuter by 8 months old must accompany any request for warranty reimbursement.

4. 24 Month Guarantee Period

The puppy has been fed TLC Whole Life Pet Food since weaning. This pet food meets AAFCO nutrient profiles for growth and maintenance and is considered a premium quality food. The purchaser may choose to extend this Health Guarantee up to 24 Months from the date of purchase by continuing to feed TLC Pet Food as the puppy's primary source of nutrition.

What is Covered

Basic warranty: Seller guarantees your dog for 12 months from the date of birth for:

  • Genetically-caused hip or elbow dysplasia, providing the puppy has not been overweight, exposed to unhealthy environmental conditions, trauma, abuse, or had any physical injury or issues whose cause is unknown or may have an environmental link.

  • Eye Disorders. Congenital defect of the eye causing progressive blindness in one or both eyes and/or requiring surgery or ongoing medication, as diagnosed by a Veterinary Ophthalmologist. Proof is to include copies of diagnosis and treatment documentation from a Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist.

  • Cardiac (heart) disorders requiring surgery or a heart disorder requiring life-long medication diagnosed by a Board Certified Canine Cardiologist.

  • Von Willebrand Disease (vWD) (blood disease) (proof submission to include verification by VetGen ( using a DNA test for vWD)

  • A hereditary/congenital disorder that is life threatening or greatly diminishes the dog’s quality of life, diagnosis to be verified by a lab or expert with knowledge in the field, and proof submitted to Seller.

What is not covered

This warranty does not include viral illnesses, infections, improper bites, hernias, hypoglycemia, worms, giardia or coccidiosis. It also does not include any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, plants, chemicals or other items, physical injury or issues whose cause is unknown or may have an environmental link or illnesses from unknown causes that are not preventable by genetic pre-screening, including, but not limited to, cancerous growths. Not included in this guarantee are health problems arising from trauma, abuse or failure to maintain general health care of this dog, including allowing the dog to become overweight. Also not included is injury to joints or bones from over-exercise. Since current veterinary science shows that dysplasia is more a product of nutrition and environment than genetics, dogs that are at any point overweight or that incur injury to bones or joints from over-exercise or exposure to improper or harsh environment are explicitly excluded from warranty of hip or elbow dysplasia. Veterinary records must be provided to Seller if requesting refund or replacement. Under no circumstances shall the Seller be liable to the Buyer or to any third party for a dog that has been subjected to abuse, accident, negligence, or misuse. Also, under no circumstances shall the Seller be liable for any consequential, incidental, or special damages resulting from or in any manner related to this dog.

All refunds are cumulative and once the full purchase price of the Puppy has been refunded to buyer, for whatever cause, the warranties expire and Seller has no further monetary obligation to Buyer.

5. Buyer’s Responsibilities

Buyer agrees to:

  • Feed a quality dog food

  • Maintain the dog in good health

  • Provide routine preventative health care including, but not limited to, inoculation, parasite control, monthly heartworm prevention, and other preventative medication

  • Not allow the dog to become overweight or over-exercise

  • Not subject the dog to harsh environmental conditions, including, but not limited to, sleeping on concrete or other hard surfaces or prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures or extreme weather conditions

  • Not be kept outside overnight

  • Provide at a minimum basic obedience training

  • Not to rehome the dog without first contacting the Seller.

  • Never turn the dog over to a shelter or rescue

  • Spay or neuter the dog by 8 months of age

Failure to do any of the above voids this guarantee.

6. Spay/Neuter Agreement

Buyer agrees to spay or neuter the Puppy by the age of eight (8) months. Failure to do so will void the health guarantee of this agreement. Buyer understands that Buyer is purchasing the Puppy as “pet only.”

7. Non-Transferable

This guarantee is not transferable and is between the Seller and the original Buyer only, except that Buyer is obligated to Seller for the terms herein.

8. Release of Liability

Buyer hereby forever releases and indemnifies Seller from any and all claims of liability, whether known or unknown at this time, or for which claim may arise after the signing of this Agreement.

9. No Other Warranties

It is further understood and agreed that no warranty or representation has been made with respect to the described Puppy except as set forth herein. Buyer agrees to hold Seller harmless and free from any liability from the time Buyer has taken possession of the Puppy.

10. Entire Agreement

This Agreement represents the entire Agreement between the parties and there are no other agreements, express or implied, unless included in this Agreement or by a writing signed by both parties and made a part hereof.

11. Jurisdiction, Choice of Law and Venue

This Agreement, and any amendments or addenda hereto, shall be construed, interpreted, and adjudicated under the laws of the state of Georgia and venue is reserved to the general sessions, circuit or chancery courts of Habersham County, Georgia.

Buyer has read the above and agrees by said conditions.



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